JohnCANNING & Beth CANNING Artists

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CONTACT -    Ernest JOHN CANNING and Elizabeth BETH CANNING.       Retired Artists residing in Barooga N.S.W.


     John and Beth at Tudor Inn Gallery                                             Complete attention,2 classes,2 paintings with every student having a go with a little help from John. Organised by Thelma Sutcliffe at Tudor Inn Gallery Phillip Island approx 1979.These paintings are framed by Beth and may still hang in schools.Numerous other schools have partisipated with the children following up with letters of appreciation,the idea that until you have a go you never know what hidden talent may emerge and blossom.Amazingly they all wanted,and had a second go which by the end of the session had me exhausted.Picked the most restless students to be my helpers,paint mixers,class organisers etc.Always worked.