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Introducing John & Beth

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Elizabeth BETH CANNING Retired Framer and Porcelain Painter------Barooga.NSW.Australia



Welcomes you to our website.We thank you for logging on.

From our sheltered and assured existance ,we ventured into the unknown as self employed artist and framer.There were certain aspirations we wished to accomplish and therefore required some sort of plan We were fortunate in having three gifted,self motivated and independant and much loved children.

About us will be punctuated with stories which could fill a book and we feel satisfied we have been successful as a self-employed duo.It has taken a lot of patience (especially on Beth's part) ,but a lot of fun also. 

Owners of our work and people we meet are often asking us for some history and explanations for our life style."Well I say.When your time comes,its to late to say, I wish I had of done this or that,especialy if you  have certain ability".