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17/10/2013 10:53

Back in the 90s we had a tornado go through our property at Koonoomoo which,thankfully,only required getting out the chainsaw for minor repairs,but from inside the house things seemed to be travelling horizontally.We were on the edge apparently but our neighbours,some 300 metres down our lane lost all their trees and hay sheds.It went through to take of the front verandah of the Cobram top pub.

We have feeling that someone is looking after us.On the 22nd March  this year(2013), a considerably stronger cell came down in Koonoomoo wrecking the Corner Store and houses around that junction and leaving the huge rivergums looking like sticks.The Big Strawberry Tourist Centre survived at that same intersection but overall looked like a war zone.the Tornado proceeded across country and the Murray River into New South Wales.We had shifted from Kooonoomoo to Barooga NSW in 2001 and you wouldn't credit that this twister again tried to get us and missed by 100 metres.Roofs and trees went leaving demolition in its wake and continued to destroy properties and caravan parks across via Mulwala NSW and back across the river into Victoria for approx 100klms overall.

In a minor way we now get to understand the effect of US tornados seen on the media and large weather happenings at the top of our Austrailian continent and in various parts of the world.We think we have the best weather in Australia right here on the Murray River,but it does not hurt to to keep a weather eye out, especially for Mister Twister who,if he can't find you in one place will check you out elsewhere.

See tornado below for photograph.