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         June 2015   Email from Ken Robertson whose father was a Founding Chairman of McClelland Gallery and Guild of Artists in Frankston.Vic asking about and attaching a copy of a painting passed on by his late father.Ken retains his late fathers interest in painting...

Fishy stories

10/05/2014 04:06
While travelling coastal W.A. in 1980,Christopher our 15 y.o. son appeared at our caravan door in his dripping wetsuit,flippers and mask,big smile and cradling a very large fish in his arms.This started a year long discovery of the many spicies,this one we feel was of the morwong variety. While...
Wandillagong 1982 painting with Margo & Carol, Turned around while painting outdoors on site to see a local nibbling on my brushes.  My companions were cracking up but managed to get a photo.

Favourite Photo.

27/11/2013 11:42
                                                          Aunty Faye with one of her Waverley Wabbits  

Swiss connection.

09/11/2013 23:28
        We were delighted to be contacted by painting collector from Switzerland (formerly of,Qld,Australia)who had purchased one of my oil paintings. A-M likes to look for Australian works overseas and made this purchase at a Red Cross outlet near Berne.The oil...


17/10/2013 10:53
Back in the 90s we had a tornado go through our property at Koonoomoo which,thankfully,only required getting out the chainsaw for minor repairs,but from inside the house things seemed to be travelling horizontally.We were on the edge apparently but our neighbours,some 300 metres down our lane lost...

Tornado Photograph

17/10/2013 00:00
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Kim at Collendina.

07/02/2022 11:37
We were fortunate to have two commissions requested by Kim at their beautiful Murray River frontage heritage Collendina sheep station late in 2020. Old shearing shed (pictures) has been refurbished and I tried to picture it in its former state.While two storey home was being renovated. Kim lived in...

Tranquil Scene

20/02/2020 11:48
Thanks to Emma Martin, This Painting was purchased From Robel Gallery Mulgrave Approx 20 years ago.

Leaving The Billabong

19/01/2020 15:00
Thanks to Mr Worden, Maritime historian, Detroit . Purchased  2010 from Du Mouchelle Art Gallery Detroit.

Adam's Find

25/07/2017 11:34
        Adam, my son in law and avid antique paintings and artifacts collector, in his search for antiques,came across one of my unsigned river boat sketches at Echuca wharf which are normally used  for preparing larger paintings. This has been framed and named on the back...


23/07/2017 13:19
  25/09/2013 02:13 ERNEST JOHN CANNING RETIRED PROFESSIONAL ARTIST-----BAROOGA.NSW.AUSTRALIA Elizabeth BETH CANNING Retired Framer and Porcelain Painter------Barooga.NSW.Australia     Welcomes you to our website.We thank you for logging on. From our...